This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • This Time is different!

    Prof. Dr. Klaus Wellershoff, Chief Executive Officer, President of the Board, Senior Client Partner at Wellershoff & Partners
    Never has the world seen interest rates at such low levels. Consequent valuations are high and investors are desperate to find opportunities to generate reasonable future returns. At the same time the centre of gravity of economic activity is rapidly shifting to Asia, where financial markets are underdeveloped. How can we prepare for the coming years of world economic and financial market development in uncharted territory?

    Technology & Humanity: A Love Story in 13 Acts

    German Ramirez, Digital and Blockchain Pioneer, Co-Founder and Chief Relevance Officer at THE RELEVANCE HOUSE
    Technology: We love it and we hate it. The challenge is, that new technologies emerge on an increasingly accelerated path. While they open a lot of new opportunities, the challenge is, that new dishes keep coming out of the technology kitchen faster than we can digest them. We are – simply ...

  • Escaping the Backtesting Illusion

    Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens, Professor at the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich
    I will argue that even if all of known flaws of backtesting (like overfitting etc.) are avoided there is still a logical inconsistency in backtesting: If some strategy outperforms the market some other needs to underperform. To be sure that a strategy is performing well one needs to understand “who is on the other side?”. I develop a three-stage testing methodology to take this reflexivity aspect into account. 

    Rain or sunshine: Preparing for a challenging economic environment

    Anastassios Frangulidis, Head of Swiss Multi Asset Zurich at Pictet Asset Management
    -The financial world has become more complex
    - High debt, fewer workers, low productivity, populism
    -Global growth over the next five years at 2.5% to 3%, below trend
    -Equity and bond returns significantly below norm
    -Higher volatility and disp...

  • ESG in practice - What you need to know and how to do it

    Andreas Homberger, Head of Research at Hinder Asset Management
    We introduce the most important terms and concepts. Then we give practical overview how ESG considerations can be incorporated in multi-asset-portfolios. Finally we highlight some relevant examples. 

    Sustainable Investment: From Purpose to Impact

    Heiko Specking, Sustainable Investment Specialist, Founder at Specking+partners gmbh
    Increasingly clients believe that wealth comes with a responsibility and express their intention to make a difference with their investments. Intermediaries are often challenged to support such value driven approaches. 
    • How does a matching strategy look like within the broad spe...

  • From Why to How - Direct and Co-Investments of the best performing long-term investors

    Thorsten Gohlke, Managing Partner at GFEP Family Equity
    The best performing long-term investors have consistently increased their allocation to private investments over the last 20 years. How do they get comfortable with the long-time horizon, the high illiquidity and the operational complexity of directly owning private companies?

    The Changing Face of Investing and the Impact on Investment Governance

    Eelco Fiole, Managing Partner at AlphaGovernancePartners
    Investment governance is an upcoming and important frontier in investment management. One just needs to open the newspapers on governance lapses in the investment space and their associated financial losses and reputational damage. Given the unprecedented dynamics in the investment industry and o...

  • Crypto is here to stay

    Hosted by Mathias Maurer, CFO and CRO at Crypto Fund AG
    Bitcoin was invented during the high of the financial crisis to escape from a fragile centralized financial system. 
    Since then Bitcoin has come a long way although it is only 10 years old.
    Tokenization of Assets, Crypto as a new Asset Class, as a Store of Value ...

    New Forms of Investing in Blockchain

    Alain Kunz, CEO and Founder at TokenSuisse AG
    The advent of Bitcoin has puzzled the investment community. Intrigued by stellar returns and frightened by high volatility, investors are grappling with the nature of this new asset class. Apart from pure speculation, is there possibility to generate return in this asset class? We would like to i...

    Tokenisation of Assets

    Sanela Lüscher, Founder and CEO at honesto AG
    The tokenisation of assets will change the way, how people invest their money in before non-accessible assets. In the near future, one will invest there, where he has his most knowledge or his most interest. For example, a student of art, will invest most likely in tokenised art, because that is ...

  • Personality and Performance

    Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens, Professor at the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich
    I will use a personality inventory to discuss whether the success of investors  depends – besides luck and skill -- also on their personality. The participants will get some interesting insight into their personality and how it relates to their success, and following this input, engage...

    Mapping the Sustainable Investment Arena

    Ernst von Kimakowitz, Director at Humanistic Management Center
    We are today surrounded by a plethora of terms such as ESG Investing, SRIs, SDG Investing, Values Based Investing, Faith Based Investing, Impact Investing, Sustainable Investing, Mission Aligned Investing and so on. But what do they really mean and how, if at all, do they differ from one another?...

    Aktives Investieren noch zeitgerecht?

    Jan Elmer, Senior Fund Analyst at Rahn + Bodmer Co.
    Der Siegeszug von passiven Investments geht unvermindert weiter. Macht aktives Investieren überhaupt noch Sinn und wenn ja, in welchen Investmentgebieten?
    -> Offene Diskussion über den Einsatz von aktiven und passiven Investmentvehikeln.

  • Negativzinsumfeld - Herausforderungen und Strategien

    David Saaty, Managing Partner at GI Global Invest AG
    - Welche Anlagen können Sie heute noch mit gutem Gewissen Ihren Kunden anbieten?
    - Welche Anlagen ziehen Sie im herkömmlichen / long-only Bereich heute noch in Betracht? 
    - Nullzinsen / Negative Zinsen – wo kann man im festverzinslichen Bereich noch Geld ve...

    Aktive Mandatssteuerung 2.0

    Stefan Toetzke, Managing Director at mmSuisse GmbH
    A) Artikulation Problemstellung
    Aktive Manager erheben den Anspruch, besser zu sein als ein alternatives passives Investment.
    Research und Mittelzuflüsse sprechen für ein passives Investment. Daraus ergibt sich eine Herausforderung für aktive Manager gegenüber der Buy...

    Haben Hedge Funds im aktuellen Marktumfeld eine Daseinsberechtigung?

    Alexander Sinn, Investment Manager at Gordian Partners

    - Was spricht generell für oder gegen die Hedge Funds?

    - Warum wird die Quote an Hedge Funds im aktuellen Marktumfeld nach wie vor so gering gehalten – fehlt das nötige Know-how oder der Zugang?

    - Was sind die Erwartun...


  • Catching the Artificial Intelligence MegaTrend

    Christopher Gannatti, Head of Research Europe at WisdomTree
    AI has the potential to change how industries operate and how consumers live their lives. Investment and adoption in AI is on the rise across all industries. 
    Identifying companies that demonstrate a meaningful  relationship with AI is matter of contention. Seeking to t...

    What do Private Company Fundamentals tell us about Europe's Economic Outlook?

    Nicholas Brooks, Head of Economic and Investment Research
    Private companies have historically been the backbone of most economies. However, as unlisted entities, information on their performance has been difficult to track. ICG, one of Europe’s largest and oldest investors’ in private markets, has built a proprietary database tracking the fu...

    Kurzanleitung eines Versicherers zur risikobewussten Aktienanlage

    José Antonio Blanco, Head of Investment Management TPAM at Swiss Life Asset Managers Jan Angül, CFA - Portfolio Manager Equities & Asset Allocationat Swiss Life Asset Managers
    Aktienmärkte sind auf Allzeithochs, die Wirtschaft allerdings scheint langsam abzuflauen und böse politische Überraschungen sind durchaus vorstellbar. Die niedrigen Zinsen zwingen die Anleger jedoch, weiterhin wesentliche Aktienpositionen zu halten. Als Versicherer mit sehr langfristigen Ver...

  • Business Etiquette 2.0 - What you can learn from a world butler

    Hanspeter Vochezer, Founder and Owner of Knigge Coaching


    Interactive VR Experience

    Marion Nyffenegger, Co-Director Innovative Storytelling Alec Handschin, Filmmaker, Curator Innovative Storytelling
    This panel provides an overview of the long and troubled history and the current state of virtual reality technology. Different types of commercially available VR products and their differences will be showcased. A discussion of future applications and currently researched technologies leads into...


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